Hairspiration Of The Week: 6 Bob Hairstyles We Love

Susie G
Hairspiration Of The Week: 6 Bob Hairstyles We Love
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It might be a little bit too soon to start thinking about hairstyles for the spring and summer seasons, even though you’ll probably be sure to find spring preview issues from some of your favorite print mags out in the drug store after a month or so as well, featuring the latest beauty and fashion trends for the upcoming months.

Either way, come March, I know most folks like myself like to chop off their dead winter hair and start with a fresh new look for the spring season.

And what’s one of the best haircuts to get for the warmer months? Why, my vote is for a Bob hair cut, of course.

Bobs still let you have a little bit of length on the sides that you can style anyway you likecurly, pin-straight, asymmetrical, introverted or extroverted (why, just take a cue from legendary hair stylist Vidal Sassoon).

Plus, now you don’t have to worry about having to sport those embarrassing split, dead-end hair strands just for the sake of having a bit of insulation around your neck during the cold winter season.

Check out a few Grade A Bob hairstyles spotted on the photo-friendly site Pinterest in the slideshow above!

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