Grammy Awards 2012 Nominees Playlist: Adele, Kanye & More!


With the nominations up for the 2012 Grammy Awards, we’ve chosen our playlist of this year’s unforgettable tracks. From the soft swooning of Bon Iver, to the glitzy glamour of Kanye West, to the impassioned singing of Adele, there’s been a good handful of musical tracks that have left an impression this year.

As we highlight some of our favorite 2012 Grammy nominees down below, let’s not take for granted the richness of today’s music. Remember, you could have lived in the 80s.

1. “Rolling in the Deep” Adele

I’ve heard this song being blasted by people of all ages and demographics. No one can quite believe the amount of power and emotion Adele pours into her voice.

2. “Firework” Katy Perry

She’s stepped gracefully into the role of the gorgeous, kind and possibly innocent popstar others left behind. Watch her “ignite the light” in this funtastic music video.

3. “Holocene” Bon Iver

The man’s voice is angelic, for real!

4. “Pumped Up Kicks” Foster the People

This is to remind us that the indie scene is as strong as ever!

5. “Dearest (Buddy Holly Cover)” The Black Keys

Even though they already got a Grammy for Brothers, we are still waiting on their upcoming album.

6. “Born This Way” Lady Gaga

This popstar’s eccentricity has been an international sensation, and Lady Gaga is seemingly ready to push bizarre to its absolute limit.

7. “Only Girl (in the World)” Rihanna

Sometimes it seems that Rihanna truly is the “only girl in the world” for this spot-light loving superstar.

8. “Walk” The Foo Fighters

We can’t tell if they’re making fun of rock, but we love the music anyway.

9. “All of the Lights” Kanye West featuring Kid Cudi & Rihanna

C’mon, it’s Kanye! #Epic

10. “Call Your Girlfriend” Robyn

Robyn manages to demonstrate the world’s most successful solo dance party in her video for “Call Your Girlfriend”.