Go Big Or Go Home With Sebastian Professional’s Body Shot

Susie G

If you’re looking for an easy way to jazz up any plain jane outfit, why not start at the topand when we say top, we mean your hair.

Putting a little razzle dazzle into your coif is the best way to turn your head-to-toe look from drab to fab.

Taking a cue from Sebastian Professional‘s “Infinite Possibilities” lookbook, we are totes down with the Body Shot style cocktail, perfected by Sebastian Professional stylist Diva Poulos.

“Big hair is back and there’s no reason to shy away from body and volume,” says Diva. “By adding a middle part and using the right products to maintain the level of hold and texture, big bodacious waves become an awesome accessory!”

Totally agree with you, Diva, except we would have to say that big waves are more like an absolute must-have accessory.


1. Wash and condition hair with Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo and Conditioner.
2. Spread Potion 9 mixed with Mousse Forte to damp hair.
3. Set hair with bendable rollers leaving the top smooth and let dry.
4. Once dry, undo the set and brush through lightly with a soft brush.
5. Spray Shaper Plus to hair and use fingers to create curl separation and smooth down the middle part line.