GIF Shop: Create Animated GIFs With Your Own iPhone!

Susie G

Ever stumbled upon a really cool Tumblr page or blog, and saw a really sweet (like, I Can Haz Cheezburger sweet) animated GIF?

Have you always wondered how to create one of them for your own purposes but were just too lazy to figure it out?

Thanks to a new application called GIF Shop, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users can create animated GIFs straight from their own mobile device. Through the application, users can capture a series of single images and then later pieces all the captured shots together to create one moving graphic interchange format (a.k.a. GIF).

This application is also sure to make all you lucky Apple product owners the envy of your friends once they see all the really awesome animated GIFs you post on your Facebook or Tumblr page, especially for those who are going to be doing a lot of travelling this summer.

With GIF shop, why not capture the sun setting over the Californian coast, or document your elaborate plate of sushi and sashimi rolls being cleared off one-by-one, or even track the hunt of a zebra by a wild tiger on your African safarithe possibilities of what you can create are only limited to your imagination!

This application might also be the next best time killer since the Angry Birds game. At least with this new GIF Shop app, you’ll be able to produce something fun and cool to share with friends after many minutes and hours you decided to spend on your phone, instead of doing something important like finishing that report for work or cleaning up your bedroom.

But hey, who am I to judge? I’m a blogger (to be read as, “I spend way too much time on the internet”).

GIF SHOP – How-To from Daniel Savage on Vimeo.

[via The Creators Project, A Celebration of Creativity]