Get Swept Into The Sunlight With Bon Iver’s ‘Hinnom, TX’


Bon Iver recorded his debut album For Emma, Forever Ago in the isolation of a Wisconsin cabin and released it independently back in 2007. Thanks to this album, Justin Vernon’s beautifully pained voice struck a chord with pretty much anyone who has a soul, and had propelled him into a well-deserved place in the folk music spotlight.

Four years later, Bon Iver is a Grammy nominee for his self-titled sophmore album. Vernon’s sound depended heavily on his angelic voice in For Emma, and so some have wondered how he could expand his vocals chops even further in Bon Iver. But Vernon’s own answer hit us in the face as trumpets, percussions and harmonizing vocals filled every inch of space his voice left behind.

The pulsing effects in the newest single “Hinnom, TX” are almost suffocating until Vernon soaring vocals save our disorientated ears. The track demonstrates his Freddie-Mercury-worthy vocal range as high and low melodies collide amidst the soundscape.

Check out the recently released video for “Hinnom, TX”a continuous scene where the sweeping snow and bright yellow sun constrast almost as much as Bon Iver’s disparate melodies.

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