Get Crafty: Create Your Own Yohji Yamamoto Mini Kimono

Susie G

Calling all fashion designers, crafters and Etsy-entrepreneurstest your design and sewing skills with this Yohji Yamamoto kimono-like pattern that’s available through photographer Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio website, for free!

That’s rightget a truly one-of-a-kind Yohji Yamamoto original without the crazy expensive price tag!

On the SHOWstudio site, daring designers will be able to download pattern samples where visitors can create their own special “mystery garment.” Included on the page as well are instructions on how to create the final product, which are pretty easy to understand from a quick glance.

Yamamoto recommends that garment-makers should use a wool fabric, but it seems that other thick fabrics and materials like fleece and PVC will also work as well.

I honestly would love to see some of these mini kimono-esque jackets on the streets of New York this fall, especially ones made out of a studded, black leather fabric or a neon-red PVC material!

If only my sewing skills weren’t less than par, then I might actually try to take a stab at creating this jacket…sigh…

But if you’re unlike me, and happen to know your way around a sewing machine and a fabric store, and end up creating one of these kimono-like jackets, please send me photos of your final product on Twitter @clickclash!

(Image above by Nick Knight)