Forever 21 Gets Gothic With ALEX & CHLOE Jewelry Collection

Susie G
Forever 21 Gets Gothic With ALEX & CHLOE Jewelry Collection
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Even though mega-retailer Forever 21 has more than often received a bad rap for ripping off designer’s designs, it’s quite refreshing to see them do legitimate collabs with solid fashion creative types like Brian Lichtenberg and Rory Becca every once in a while.

Today marks the debut of their latest designer collaboration with ALEX & CHLOE, the neo-gothic jewelry and streetwear apparel designers based in New York City.

The duo’s collaboration with Forever 21 has sparked a small jewelry collection that features black and silver colored rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. But the real icing on the accessory cake is the fact that no single piece in this capsule collection is more than $16!

Pretty amazing, huh? We think so too.

Head over to the Forever 21 website to see if a store near you will be carrying the collection, or just shop the collection online from the convenience of your own bed!

Don’t forget to also check out this short little teaser below to see what you’re in for from ALEX & CHLOE: