Finally, You Can Wear CHANEL To The Gym!

Susie G

You know what’s one of the best things you can score in vintage stores?

Sportswear and streetwear goodies from established luxury houses.

Whether it be a Christan Dior leisure suit, a Gucci baseball hat, or even a pair of Versace jeans, the combo of a high-end brand with a mass-consumed product is just pure fashion enjoyment.

Maybe that’s why I got a total kick (get it?) out of discovering that CHANEL will be releasing a few models of sneakers (or what they call “le sneaker”) for spring/summer 2012, as spotted by the Neo2 blog during a recent press event held by the Parisian fashion house.

While they don’t happen to list how much these babies are going to go for, I’m going to guess that they’ll probably start past the $100 mark.

I’ve already got my eyes on those high-top running shoesjust a heads up for anyone who is looking to try and bite my style at Blink Fitness in NoHo.

[via Highsnobette]