Fiesty Marchesa Model Will Destroy Your Twinkies For Fun


Well, at least in music videos she will. Case in point: Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s video for “Bicycle”.

The gritty retro-rock outfit Unknown Mortal Orchestra started out as an elusive internet phenomenon when New Zealander Ruban Neilson dropped the “Ffunny Ffriends” ditty on music-hosting website Bandcamp. Since then, bassist and producer Jake Portrait, drummer Julien Ehrich, and Fat Possum Records have joined “the orchestra”, releasing UMO’s debut LP earlier this year, and have propelled the band into a comfortable niche of quirky, explosive and popular indie rock.

Tracks like “How Can You Luv Me” infused an unprecedented amount of funk into the distorted sound, and it has kept us dancing since the LP’s release back in June.

With their latest video for “Bicycle”, UMO has infused an unprecedented amount of badass-ery into their style as well with model Sarah Dumont “hooliganing” around.

You have to say Dumont gives quite a performance in the video; she makes smashing glass, exploding Twinkies and trespassing barbed wire fences look like all in a day’s work.

The rioting distortion in this video below will surely bring out the rebel in even the most straight-edge-y of us.