Eugene McGuinness’ Latest Video Puts ‘Pulp Fiction’ to Shame


In Eugene McGuinness‘ debut EP The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness, the London musician buzzed our ears with the catchiest of tunes. He made us feel like the cool, alternative kids we all wish we were with tight, rocking tracks about childhood subjects. Never has getting lost in the supermarket felt so bad-ass.

His full-length album came out via Domino Records the next year, but critics dismissed McGuinness’ attempt at a more mature sound as unsuccessful. McGuinness’ young vibe didn’t match the themes of love, religion, work and old films he touched upon in his LP effort. The intensely witty sensibility in his lyrics seem to have outgrown the playful music that jammed beneath.

McGuinness’ latest single “Lion” however, proves us that the Londoner’s growth spurt is complete, as there is nothing childlike about the dirty bass, surfer guitar and dancing ladies that accompany this one suave-looking dude.

The whole thing seems like a Pulp Fiction music video: the violent dancing and rough, urban setting paired with McGuinness’ poetic prowess is a juxtaposition film director Quentin Tarantino would totally replicate in one of his usual gory action flicks.

It’s a step that suggests the Londoner is aging well, but not leaving behind the youthful kick that got him started.

Check it out below, and let us know what you think about the video in the comments section below!