Emotistyle: The New Fashion Advice Web Series We Love

Susie G

If you haven’t seen Emotistyle, a hilarious fashion advice web series hosted by professional funny gals Molly Austin and Shamikah Martinez, then you’re missing out on some stylishly good comedy gold.

Pretty much, if you’ve got an issue, then they’ve got an outfit. It’s simple and genius!

Emotistyle came about after Shamikah saw my stand up set at Gotham Comedy club,” says Molly in an e-mail. “She found me on Facebook and asked me to be a part of a comedy pilot she was making. I said yes.”

Molly goes on to describe how the first video came about by saying, “We shot her pilot and we both got along, and were discussing the desire to have more of a presence on the World Wide Webwell, on YouTube. So, we kicked around a few ideas and everything felt kind of like we were piggy backing on things that had been done.”

“The idea came from the fact that I am a comedian who is into fashion. I blog for alice + olivia and we thought the combo was unique. We wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before and after a meeting over whiskey, Emotistyle was born.”

Well, we’ll cheers to Emotistyle anytime of the dayseriously.

Molly and Shamikah have total hands-on control with the web series as they shoot, style, write, direct and even edit everything by themselves.

There are a few different types of episodes that the Emotistyle girls create. Ranging from their most frequent “Style Episodes” where the girls will solve your problems with outfit advice, to the “Ways To Wear It” shorts where Molly and Shamikah will take one item of clothing and model it on various outfits, all the while lip-syncing and “busting super sweet dance moves all over the place.”

They also do “Haul Videos” where the duo goes shopping and talk about what they find on their excursions, as well as the “OOTD” episodes which stand for “Outfit of the Day”, as the two show off what they’re wearing with some sort of tie-in with a holiday or topical event.

The one thing all of their videos have in commonall feature both girls serving up some interesting fashion and styling tips with a healthy dose of hilariousness.

Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel ASAP, and check out a few of our favorite videos down below!