The Drums Get Moody In London Town With ‘How It Ended’


The Drums‘ self-titled debut album catapulted the Brooklyn indie poppers to the spotlight, but at the end of last year, guitarist Adam Kessler left under less than friendly circumstances. Since then, interviews with singer Jonathan Pierce have been pessimistic to say the least about the band’s future. In an interview with Pitchfork, Pierce stated that the band doesn’t “have a very long shelf life.”

So I’m surprised that the band even managed to come up with their sophomore album Portamento, and surprised further that the band was able to recreate their fuzzy pop sound, only this time with a more intimate spin.

Yet, it does seem that The Drums were able to redirect all of their negative energy away from splitting up entirely, and instead pour the gloomy feelings into the album. For example, in their follow-up effort that’s comprised of 12 songs, Pierce references death 11 times.

“How It Ended,” the second single off Portamento, is quite obviously a break-up song. A break-up song off a break-up album needs a break-up video, so director Patrick Roberts did just that with a sepia-toned music clip shot through a grainy filter.

“We wanted to convey a tone of recollection, memory and longing,” the director told “While the lyrical content could refer to a person, we wanted to play with the idea that it could also refer to a place.”

Maybe that’s why we see Pierce solemnly strutting around the streets of London throughout most of the video? You almost feel like a complete split up of The Drums would ease some of their pain. But as long as they keep creating these great tracks, maybe we’ll let them suffer a little longer.