A Drag Queen Goes Glamping: Ethel Vaughn KALT 11-12 Lookbook

Susie G
A Drag Queen Goes Glamping: Ethel Vaughn KALT 11-12 Lookbook
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Leave it to the Hamburg-based designer Katrin Weber behind the Ethel Vaughn fashion label to have their latest lookbook feature a tall, Amazon-like woman with pounds of makeup on her face.

The German fashion label, started back in 2010, caters to both the men’s and women’s markets. Mixing color with the avant-garde, classic pieces with modern design and infusing a bit of “everyday life” is not quite uncommon for them.

With the Ethel Vaughn KALT womens’ fall/winter ’11-’12 collection, Katrin’s designs evoke a mix of ’70s and ’80s streetwear with modern day sportswear. Throw on a dash of outerwear-inspired fabrics and prints la the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest, and you’ve got yourself the latest collection from Ethel Vaughn.

We’re loving the more color-centric prints and graphic pieces, but some of the fringy frocks have us in doubt. We also wished the styling in this lookbook was a little more well thought out. The same also goes for the model’s makeup.

Take a glance at the lookbook for yourself in the slideshow above, and let us know what you think in the comments section down below!