Downtown DJ Omri S. Quire’s New Year’s Eve 2011 Playlist

Susie G

To help us celebrate New Year’s Eve with some sweet musical stylings, the StyleCaster crew decided to hit up one Mr. Omri S. Quire, a DJ from the New York City area who we love running into. Omri has been a staple on the Downtown music scenes here in the Big Apple, playing to the more rock-musically inclined crowds. In many ways, he is indeed a modern day soul man (and he’s also a classy dresser to boot).

Known to playing anything from classic 50s rock, to 80s post punk jams to late 70s Italo disco hits, Omri’s DJ sets are always a solid mix of the past and the present.

If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party tomorrow night, or looking to jam out while getting ready to go out on the town, be sure to crank your computer’s volume to 11 and blast out all of these feel-good songs down below, curated by Omri S. Quire.

La Femme “Sur La Plance”

“Great song from early 2011 that I used in the Timo Weiland runway show. Funny that you need to travel to France these days for good Surf Rock, not California.”

Mashina “Rakhevet La’ila le Kair (Nightboat to Cairo)”

“One of my favorite bands since I was 3 years old. First record I ever got (well, cassette). Also, in 2011, much of the news came out of Cairo so this felt right….”

Charlotte Gainsbourg “Terrible Angles”

“New Charlotte Gainsbourg and one of the stand-out tracks from 2011.”

Styloo “Pretty Face”

“Uh. Awesome dark Italo-Disco track. It’s a mover.”

Pet Shop Boys “Love etc.”

“I Re-fell in love with this track in 2011.”

Ken Laszlo “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (Swedish 12″ Remix)”

“Who needs the number 9?”

Pilooski “Can’t There Be Love”

“A little bit soul, a little bit contemporary. More love in 2012.”

Helene Smith “You Got To Be a Man”

“This song just feels right every time it comes on.”

Sam & The Womp “Bom Bom”

“Balkan music is just so great. I throw it into every set I am able to. I hope to see/hear more of Sam & The Womp in 2012.”

Professor Elemental “Fighting Trousers”

“Dubstep really came big out of the UK. I’d like to see a lot more Chap-Hop out there. Big band/jazz samples? Yes, please.”

Ray Noble and His Orchestra “Try a Little Tenderness”

“Jay-Z and Kanye managed to destroy a masterpiece this year. Since we all know Otis’ awesome version, here is the first recording of ‘Try a Little Tenderness’. ENJOY!”

Etta James “Tough Mary”

“‘Stay Tough’, Etta!”

Photo of Omri S. Quire by Nicky Digital

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