Download This: Get Dancey With Apparatjik’s ‘Do It Myself’

Susie G

If you haven’t heard of the four-piece musical collective known as Apparatjik, then break out a pen and notebook, and start taking some notes.

Formed in 2008, the quartet features musicans from world-famous bands such as 80s cult favorite A-ha, Coldplay and MEW.

To quote their SoundCloud page, “Apparatjik functions as an experimental platform and collaborates with a pool of artists, media technicians, and designers, as well as scientists such as MIT professor in physics Max Tegmark and Ute Meta Bauer who has recently been appointed to be the new First Dean of Fine Art at the RCA [Royal College of Art].”

In other words, these dudes are really, really smart.

Their upcoming sophomore album, a follow-up to their debut effort We Are Here from 2009, will be released on February 21, 2012, called Square Peg In A Round Hole.

If this new album sounds a lot like this jittery-making, noise funk single “Do It Myself” featuring Pharrell Williams under the alias of “Auto Goon”, then sign us up!

Take a listen to the single down below, and if you’re in the mood to add some new tunes to your iPhone, iPad or any music-playback device you can’t bear to part with for more than 5 minutes, then be sure to download the trackfor free!

Just be sure to hit the down arrow button on the player, and voilayou’ve got yourself a new jam to work out at the gym to.