Download Charli XCX’s Catwalk Track For Designer Fred Butler

Susie G

Looks like another StyleCaster favorite is making London Fashion Week headlines today as Goth Pop singer Charli XCX performed a brand new track, called “I’ll Never Know”, at designer Fred Butler‘s presentation today in the British capital.

The track was the result of a special collaboration between Charli and Fred (who both had parents that seemed to be fond of naming their daughters with names usually reserved for boys), as Charli completed the tune in just three days, while hunkering down at the Red Bull Catwalk Studio project.

A tropical pop ditty fer shur, the song was inspired by Fred’s Tank Top-Ranking, Tongue-Tied and Twisted collection. And like Fred’s own aesthetic trademark, the track is just as colorful as the clothes that were sent down the catwalk.

Head over to the Red Bull Studios page so you can listen to the track and download it for free for the next five days.

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