Disney Does Joy Division, What Would Ian Curtis Say?

Susie G

You know the saying (and the really awesome Paula Abdul song from 1989), “Opposites attract?”

Well, a prime example would be this adult-sized T-shirt from Disney, blatantly inspired by the iconic post-punk band Joy Division and the cover for their Unknown Pleasures LP from 1979.

First off, who knew that Mickey Mouse and the folks over at Disney were into Joy Division, let alone post-punk music as a whole? Second, who was the half-genius, half-bastard to come up with this idea? Third, I wonder what former lead singer Ian Curtis would have to say about this? And finally, I hope the still-remaining band members get a few shekels coming their way!

I honestly have mixed feelings about thiswhat was great about Joy Division was that they represented a time in modern rock when a band had a great, unique sound and weren’t tainted (and by tainted, I mean commercialized) by the media world before they even had the chance to reach their full stardom potential.

But, what do you think? Would you go and shelve out the $24.95 for this Disney shirtor would you save it for a rainy day instead? Let us know in the comments section underneath.

Fingers crossed that Disney will be looking towards Azealia Banks for their next musically-inspired T-shirt, who you might remember was sporting a Mickey Mouse sweater (which has manifested itself into an actual Twitter account) in her epic “212” video.

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