Diesel Combines Denim With Sweat Pants, Would You Wear Them?

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Diesel Combines Denim With Sweat Pants, Would You Wear Them?
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Ever had a fashion crisis where you had to decide to either wear a pair of jeans or a pair of comfortable sweat pants out on the town? No? Yes? Wouldn’t wear either?

Thanks to Italian denim brand Diesel‘s latest denim creation, the Jogg Jean combines the structure of denim jeans with the fit of a pair of sweat pants. Just launched this summer, this hybrid style comes in 3 different washes for the ladies and 4 other washes (plus one jacket in the collection) for the gents.

Available now in Diesel stores worldwide, these innovative pants don’t really look like sweat pants from afar, until you get up close and notice the drawstring on the waistband and the soft-edged, cuffed legs with the ladies collection.

As much as the fabric is indeed quite soft and comfortable, I don’t think I could ever see myself wearing a pair of these bad boys in public, no matter how much they might look just like regular jeans. I think it’s the fact that they’re associated with sweat pants that makes me cringe just thinking about this new breed of jeans.

Drawstring denimit sounds perfect for those who are too lazy to put on real pants in the morning.

With this casual reformation on a classic, structured garment, is the launch of the Jogg Jean a sign that today’s modern fashion styles are continuing to slip into a swamp of relaxed, casual fashions with other comfortable, popular products like jeggings, Ugg boots and gaucho pants?

Ultimately, that will be up to shoppers like you and I to decide, thanks to our purchasing power to say what gets supplied at the local department stores and what ends up at the outlet malls these days.

So, would you be seen out in public wearing Diesel’s new Jogg Jeans that transforms the iconic garment into a denim-sweat pant hybrid? Or would you buy a pair only to be worn around the house? Or just not even wear them at all?

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Diesel's Jogg Jeans is one part denim and one part sweat pants.

I'm just glad they didn't call this new product "Doggings."

Diesel's Jogg Jean women's collection

Diesel's Jogg Jean men's collection

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