Designer Sally LaPointe & Her Future Fashions: Scene Shapers

Susie G

You know you’re on the right track with something when one of the world’s biggest stars decides to be a regular patron of your work, and even more so when they start to call in (well not them, but their assistants) custom orders to wear your designs in their next major music video.

This is the case in point for New York-based womenswear designer Sally LaPointe, whose futuristic fashion have been sported by the Queen Monster herself, Lady Gaga. That’s an amazing feat for a designer who just debuted her first collection back in September 2010, during the spring/summer 2011 shows!

Sally moved to New York back in 2006, after finishing a degree at the highly regarded Rhode Island School of Design with a major in apparel design. Once she settled down in New York with her friend (now business partner), Sally had figured that the next best thing to do was to start her own line of clothesso she did!

All of her designs are conceptualized straight from her TriBeCa loft studio-slash-apartment, which is also known to turn into a party hotspot once in a while, like say around New Year’s Eve for example (and the only reason we know this is because we’ve been lucky enough to witness a few of these amazing shin digs first hand).

Her future-forward fashions, especially with her last fall/winter 2011 collection, are a bit refreshing compared to the dark, somber post-apocalyptic styles and trends that have sprung up on the catwalks over the last few seasons. Sally’s garments are seriously structured nuggets of savvy, where she’ll use a mix of materials in a whole particular look, which really helps make her head-to-toe monochromatic outfits pop more.

Sally also gets extra chic points for being stocked at ber hip New York boutiques like OAK and Convent. Plus, her designs have been featured in groundbreaking editorials in independent magazines worldwide like METAL, Zink, Numro, Vision, and New York’s own Bullett Magazine.

The designs that will come down the catwalk from the House of LaPointe next month during New York Fashion Week will be a true reflection of Sally’s sense of the latest trends in New York’s downtown scene, imaginatively mixed in with her superfluous creative mojo to produce some of the most contemporary designs out in the fashion landscape today.