Degen’s FW12 Collection Does Cheeky Knitwear, Literally

Susie G

When designer Lindsay Degen debuted her first-ever collection last fashion week in September 2011, it was easy to tell in a moment’s notice that this former Rhode Island School of Design and Central Saint Martins student definitely had a quirkiness about her.

Debuting a small collection of knitted undergarments, crop tops and shorts inspired by the human anatomy, including knitted nipples against flesh-colored tops and bikini shorts with holes cut out on the cheeks, Degen made it clear that she is one designer that doesn’t take herself too seriously.

For the Fall/Winter 2012 season, Degen extended her range of garments this time around to include sweaters, pants, leggings, maxi-skirts, cardigans and, of course, more crop tops.

Her first full ready-to-wear collection, entitled “ASK TELL,” was inspired by the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, and seeks to celebrate the individual to the fullestwith quirks and all.

With the military as a inspirational theme for this season, Degen incorporated colors like orange, sea foam and neutral-toned hues. Her almost unanimous use of stripes and color-blocking throughout the line helped keep the collection interesting and full of personality, which is refreshing to see as most burgeoning designers here in New York tend to take the monochromatic, minimalistic design approacha trend that is (hopefully) on its way out.

As this is being her first collection to include full-length pants, Degen added her own twist on a few of them by using a smaller, gaged knitted pattern for the pant, while using a hand-knitted, bigger, gaged yarn for the waistband, with one or two pieces rocking an extra drawstring waist.

It also wouldn’t be a Degen collection without a few garments having intriciately placed cut-outs, like a pair of knitted leggings that were spotted with two cut-outs precisely on each bum cheek.

When asked to describe who exactly is the Degen girl this season, the designer went on to explain that she hopes that everyone will be able to wear her knitted pieces in this collection, no matter what size, from girls in their late teens to women like her Mom.

While I don’t think my Mom would rock knitted leggings with holes on the bum, Degen’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection definitely had wide-range appeal for anyone who is confidently young at heart.

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