Cuteness Overload: We Love Hello Kitty x FriendsWithYou!

Susie G
Cuteness Overload: We Love Hello Kitty x FriendsWithYou!
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What happens when you combine the super kawaii-ness of Hello Kitty with the colorful awesomeness of Miami art collective FriendsWithYou?

You get an overdose of 100% pure cuteness to the max.

Wish Come True for Hello Kitty (and for pretty much all of us) is the first collaboration between the feline face of Sanrio and FriendsWithYou, which includes a line of limited edition collectible goodies.

From apparel to accessories, and even to gifts for your home, Hello Kitty and the rest of the Wish Come True gang are going to be on everything and anything you need to own.

Since we were super excited about the collaboration, we decided to go straight to the source and ask the charming FriendsWithYou duo to tell us a little more about their latest animated adventures with the iconic Hello Kitty.

Tell us about the story behind Hello Kitty and the world of Wish Come True.

“Yes, sweet Hello Kitty is magically transported into the land of Rainbows, the magical world of Wish Come True. She is greeted by the Rainbow King and some of his best friends as they relax and smile inside this colorful universe.

Best buddies like Buddy Chub, and Coco The Universe are here to take you on a journey and brighten up our world. Each product doubles as a magical luck charm that will guide you on your daily adventures. FriendsWithYou makes every ‘Wish Come True’!”

Who are some of the new characters that are featured in Wish Come True?

“The Rainbow King, was born form a star and whenever there is a Rainbow in the sky you know Rainbow King is close by.

Buddy Chub is a two headed friend who works like a friendship magnet. Everywhere you go you will be making friends!

Coco is the universe. All the power of the universe is in your hands.

Mr. TTT is a magical shape shifter that will bring you your fortune and take you there as well.

And Fluffy Pop is the life of the party. Get ready to dance your day away or play all day.

There are many more characters in the world of Wish Come True. A new world awaits you!”

What was the appeal to have the chance to work with Hello Kitty?

“Hello Kitty is an important icon and symbol of cute. We love to perpetuate bright colors and a happy world, and we feel this product is a great messenger of love and light. This is a dream project of ours as artists.

We love to challenge ourselves to spread our Rainbow Magic as far and wide as it can go, and with a friend like Hello Kitty, the sky is the limit. Magic, luck, and friendshipwe are FriendsWithYou.”

Check out some of our favorite picks from the Wish Come True for Hello Kitty limited edition collection in the slideshow above!