The Concept Are Sweden’s Answer To Phoenix & Teen Clowns

Susie G

In my book, Swedish indie pop bands can do no wrongeven when they decide to feature emo teenage clowns in their music videos, just like Stockholm-based indie pop rockers The Concept did for the video of their single “Damn!”.

The video, which was directed by Erik Nordlund, sees the story of one teenage clown boy in awe of a fellow face-paint-wearing friend of the female variety, meanwhile that same girl seems to have the hots for another red-nose-toting teenager.

It’s the classic hapless love story of clown-boy likes clown-girl, but clown-girl likes another clown-boybut set the story in modern day Sweden, have the love triangle victims pose as clownish teenage misfits, and set it against one catchy soundtrack of a song, and you’ve got yourself a pretty entertaining music video!

You can check out the three and a half minutes of Swedish awesomeness below, and let us know what you think in the comments section underneath.

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