Chillwave Act Brothertiger Makes The Worst Workout Video

Susie G

Ok, so I know that the video for Brothertiger‘s “Lovers” isn’t actually a workout video, but you can’t deny the fact that when you’re watching the clip, it almost feels like one.

The neony-blue background; the American Apparel dancewear attire; the heavy layers of make-up each of the two girls wear on their facesure sounds like the fixings of a workout video to me.

Moving past the music video, “Lovers” is a really lovely tune you can totally jam out to. The simple drumbeat paired with the synthesized grooves are quite catchy and infectious. And not to mention the 80s-teen-pop-like vocals and lyrics that are hard not to like either.

I know it may be a little early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, but one would definitely need to include this track on any kind of mixtape they’re planning to concoct for a loved one come February.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section underneath!

[via Nitevisions]

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