‘Carmen Sandiego’ Meets Monty Python For A Foreign Fash Film

Susie G

If you ever caught an episode or even a movie by British comedy troupe Monty Python, you might remember those collage-y animated cartoons that were thrown in, thanks to the genius visionary, Terry Gilliam.

Or, if you’re a child of 90s like me, you might remember the television, computer game and book series Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? and all of the other spin-off titles, then this video might give you flashbacks to the pre-Pixar quality computer video games of the mid 90s, with the metropolitan and countryside stills.

Infusing photos from her graduate collection for her Fashion and Textile Design program at NABA in Milan, Berlin-based burgeoning designer Valentina Poletti and her friend Carolina Amoretti have made a fun, collage-o-riffic fashion short, that features her conceptual garments in contrasting settings.

Four outfits featured in the film first appear on screen as the very rigid and serious in front of more urban scenery, but as the film continues, the same outfits appear to be more flowy and relaxed as they’re set against more rural backgrounds.

The short fashion film is fun, quirky and great for those who love minimalist garments and collages!

[via Trendland]

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