Candid Camera: A Club Called Rhonda’s Gregory A. in NYC

Susie G
Candid Camera: A Club Called Rhonda’s Gregory A. in NYC
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When Los Angeles’ party collective A Club Called Rhonda came to New York City last month to throw their popular polysexual party at Santos Party House, I knew us East Coasters were going to be in for some wild West Coast party antics.

To get a real insider’s perspective on what a real Rhonda party is all about, I decided to go straight to the source. With Gregory Alexander, Rhonda’s cofounder, host and visual designer, on board to document the soiree’s NYC debut through the lens of a disposable camera, I knew he would be able to show what it’s really like to party like the illustrious Rhondasurrounded by beautiful boys, fierce femme fatales and everybody else busting loose on the dancefloor.

To see how Gregory and the rest of the Rhonda crew got down in Chinatown last month, be sure to click through the photos in the slideshow above!

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LA's A Club Called Rhonda invaded the Big Apple last month with some amazing house music and quirky nightlife darlings. With a disposable camera in hand, Rhonda's Gregory Alexander captured the nightly characters that made it out to party in the house of R.

Photo by Susie G

"This is me [center] with my friend Emilio on the left and the other guy I don’t know.  I met Emilio when he lived in San Francisco and was the drag 'son' of my good friend Alexis Penney." -Gregory Alexander

"We always print out these posters and put them all over a venue when we do an event there.  Sometimes its just imagery, sometimes its just quotes or sayings we make up, and sometimes its both.  It usually just sets the tone for the night and hopefully inspires people to act in line with the posters.  We make them readily available for people to just grab and take with them if they want. Its always fun to see one later on somebody’s fridge or on their wall." -G.A.

"MC Russinabox on the mic, getting people worked up and ready for Rhonda." -G.A.

"Jessica Byrd, a Los Angeles transplant to NYC. She was super excited that Rhonda was coming to town as she used to come every month when she lived in L.A." -G.A.

"No clue what’s happening here. Haha." -G.A.

"Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area DJing while MC Russinabox hypes the crowd once more." -G.A.

"On the left is David Riley of the band Mirror Mirror. He had just celebrated his birthday a few nights before with an elaborately decorated 'special kave' [sic].  To the right is Nick Weiss of Teengirl Fantasy, who somehow manages to always be visiting either New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles–all of which I usually try to visit as much as possible as well." -G.A.

"I don’t know this girl, but I liked how effortless and free she seemed, and she kept a good buzz going too.  I hope she got laid that night. In the back you can see a glimpse of my friend Akeem with his blazing red hair and bright turquoise backpack. A true vision." -G.A.

"This is Ryan, or Mu0p, or Paradise–he has a few aliases. He’s our go-to lighting guy (by the name Mu0p) that always makes sure the club keeps the correct ambiance with fog, lights and video. We felt it was necessary that we bring him along on tour.  He’s also sometimes a resident DJ at Rhonda under his other pseudonym Paradise." -G.A.

"This is my friend Khalid, a stylist in N.Y., who seems to be really surprised by this photo. I never really give people much warning I’m taking a picture. Oops, my bad." -G.A.

"This is Emilio and Myles, transplants from San Francisco, drag sons to my friend Alexis Penney. They look so young! Cute little babies." -G.A.

"Don’t know these two, but anytime people are kissing, or about to kiss or might kiss, I always want to be catching it on film." -G.A.

"Jessica and her friends dancing on stage." -G.A.

"This is Meredith Jenks–she used to be our Rhonda photographer before she moved out to New York. We were glad she could come and shoot for us again. We miss her and her photos." -G.A.

"This is Ruth & Phil. Phil is better known as Adeptus I met him when he was living with my friend in San Francisco and working with this group 'Party EFX,' which did some amazing live PA sets." -G.A.

"The Rhonda banners we took with us on tour.  They follow our current aesthetic that is sort of our take on old tabloids, but with prints and colors deliberately covering any faces." -G.A.

"Roberto, another friend that used to come religiously to Rhonda when he lived in Los Angeles. She’s [sic] obsessed with 90’s Versace and it is showing with those pants. She was tearing up the dancefloor!" -G.A.

"This is Roberto’s boyfriend and another old friend from Los Angeles, Jonathon. He’s a producer and the two of them work on music together under the name 'Noir.'" -G.A.

"This is Clarissa The Teenage Witch [right], a newer drag queen to hit the N.Y. scene, but she seems to be catching speed quite quickly. She has a band with another friend of mine, but has recently been singing backup for Ssion." -G.A.

"Jessica again, love this bitch." -G.A.

"This is Samuel dancing. I only met him that night, but he did not stop dancing and I appreciate that–its what the club is all about." -G.A.

"Stickers and tagging on the bathroom walls inside of Santos Party House." -G.A.

"This guy’s name is Dakota–I just met him that night. He reminds me of some friends I had back home though." -G.A.

"This is the morning after Rhonda, when we had to wake up super early, super hungover and get to the airport to fly off to Miami. I wanted to kill myself; I felt like shit." -G.A.

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