Canadian Chess Comedy Indie Film ‘Ivory Tower’ Is Out On DVD

Susie G

The 2010 indie flick Ivory Tower has just about everything a good movie needs: chess, a cast of Canadian-born electro artists like Peaches and Tiga as well as mellow songstress Feist, comedy and of course, more chess.

The film was co-written by leading man and fellow Canadian musician Chilly Gonzales, who leads a suprisingly funny cast of characters. The story centers around the return of Hershell (Gonzales) who was a former chess wizard, and what happens when he finally returns from his jaunts abroad back to Canada only to discover that his brother Thadeus (Tiga) has become a chess champion in his own right. Not only has Hershell’s brother become a bit of a big shot in their hometown, Thadeus has also snagged up Hershell’s former sweetheart Marsha (Peaches).

As Hershell gets back into the chess competition groove, he sets out to gain back his pride, put his arrogant brother in his place and possibly win back the heart of his former love.

Released just last week on DVD, you can grab your own copy of the film via the official Chilly Gonzales website for just $15.50.

Check out the film’s trailer below to just get a hint of how hilarious this flick is (and why it would make an excellent holiday gift for an indie film fan).

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