Buzz Cut: ‘Midnight City’ By M83


French-born, Los Angeles-based artist Anthony Gonzalez took on his musical alias from the galaxy scientifically marked as “Messier 83.” The name is a perfect fit for Gonzalez’ new wave beats, placid vocals and the seemingly extraterrestrial sounds he creates in his newest single “Midnight City”.

The track is a powerful dance tune, and the chirping melody in the chorus, though it sounds like a cross between a human, synthesizer and animal, is surprisingly catchy. By the end of the track, our journey through these unworldly sounds is accompanied by 80s nostalgia with a face-melting saxophone solo.

At this point I don’t think there’s much more you can ask of a song.

M83 released “Midnight City” in preparation for their second album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, which will be released this October. After the success of M83’s last album Saturday=Youthwhich supported a tour with The Killers in the US, Kings of Leon in the UK and Depeche Mode in Europethe upcoming album release is highly anticipated by fans worldwide.

“Midnight City” has already garnered 13,000 likes on Facebook, and his band (Gonzalez tours with several supporting musicians) has booked an impressive North American tour for the fall.

I’m certainly excited for the new album. M83 has created a great image and a fresh sound that I think will resonate well with pop, dance, and techno-lovers alike.

You can download “Midnight City” through Facebook or Twitter on M83’s official website.

Midnight City by M83