Buzz Cut: ‘L Train Girl’ By Greatest Hits (VIDEO)

Susie G

What happens when you take lo-fi new wave beats, mix in a former face of Marc Jacobs and use a New York hipster reference? You get one catchy music video for “L Train Girl” by Maman Records‘ Greatest Hits.

This Brooklyn-via-Los-Angeles band comprises of one Zak Mering (of Vital Caress, Raw Thrills and The Sweethearts) and one Tyler Thacker who have been releasing mix tapes, singles and videos over the last year on various labels worldwide.

We’re loving the band’s fuzzy beats and camera work in this clip. It’s almost like watching a really awkward home-made music video from 1986, except with less hair spray and acid wash.

If all missed connections postings on the New York Craigslist page had to be home-made music videos similar to this (instead of just some boring post that usually comes off as boderline creepy) there might just be more romance in the Big Apple…or at least in Brooklyn-Williamsburg to be exact.

For more Greatest Hits jams, check out their “Girl Crazy” EP that was released this past May, available for download via SoundCloud.

BONUS: Keep an eye out for a backpack-toting Michael Cera!

GREATEST HITS – L TRAIN GIRL from Gunk TV Records on Vimeo.