Buzz Cut: ‘Hunger’ By Frankie & The Heartstrings (VIDEO)

Susie G

When I saw the first few seconds of Brit rockers Frankie & The Heartstrings’ video for their single “Hunger,” I thought I had accidently stumbled onto a clip of Look Around You, a BBC series that was a spoof on educational programs from the 70s and 80s.

Even though the host in this clip is the same presenter that’s featured in the BBC comedy series, turns out that the video was indeed created for the band’s textbook definition-of-Brit-pop single.

With the old-school television throwback references, a tinfoil robot that comes to life and The Brady Bunch-esque close-up sequences, a part of my childhood had been resurrected within the four minutes and sixteen seconds of this music video.

Though one thing I don’t get is the “running joke” with the expressionless keyboard player. Is it supposed to be funny, or what? Maybe that’s what they call “British humour“?

The single itself is in classic pop-rock song structure, and has a seriously catchy rhythm. After giving the song a few listens, you might just end up “Oh. Oh Oh. Oh-woah”-ing for the rest of the day.

Frankie & The Heartstrings are signed to Witchita Records, and have been touring all throughout the past year around Europe. Stay tuned to their official band page, which also doubles as a blog for the band, for tour updates and future release announcements.