Buzz Cut: ‘Friend Crush’ by Friends (VIDEO)

Susie G

Who doesn’t love sultry indie rock jams that feel just as hazy as the hot, sweltering days of summer?

After watching the video for the single “Friend Crush” by Brooklyn quintet Friends (great name, right?), sultry indie rock jams like this might just be the only thing you end up listening to for the rest of the season.

The single’s catchy guitars riffs and melodic hooks create a psychedelic ambience against a post punk backdrop. The post-adolescence, angsty yet alluring vocals of lead singer Samantha Urbani draws the listener in to her flirtatious lyrics, like “I want to stay at your side on a weekday; I want to see inside your eyes on the weekend.”

With this catchy, dreamy ditty, I predict the blogosphere will see a few dancey, uptempo remixes pop up on the internet over the next few weeks (what’s up Aeroplane, Classixx and SebastiAn?!)

The clip is also like a lucid trip back to the rock music videos of the mid 90s. The fuzzy focus, the layered shots and holographic imagery are giving me flashbacks to videos by alternative rock bands like Garbage, Bush, Presidents of the United States of America and the like.

According to Stereogum, the band’s 7″ for “Friend Crush,” released by UK label Lucky Numbers, has already sold out. Thanks to the technologically advanced age we live in, you can still get the song in a digital format from Bandcamp.

Feel free to share the video with your friendsjust be careful who you send it to though as they might get the idea that you’re trying to hint at something, if you catch my drift…

Friends – Friend Crush from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

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