British Photographer Holly Falconer Redefines ‘Girl Power’

Susie G
British Photographer Holly Falconer Redefines ‘Girl Power’
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Like most major international cities, London too has become a magnet for a large number of creative-minded youngsters from neighboring towns (and even neighboring countries).

Photographer Holly Falconer just so happens to be one of these gifted youths who came to London to play her hand in the local art scene. Born and raised in Painswick, England (located 2 hours outside of London), Holly has been freelancing as a photographer in the British capital over the past few years, working for such publications as Rollacoaster and Diva, as well as even once holding the title of Photo Editor for the short-lived but well-received BUCK Magazine.

Just this past Thursday in London the first solo exhibition from this burgeoning photographic talent, titled Technicolour Hymns, took place, featuring a preview of projects that were completed by Holly over the last two years.

The subject of her photos are mainly inclined to focus on fellow twenty-something females living the hectic metropolitan lifestyle that seems to be inevitable in a town like London.

What’s great about her girl-centric snapshots is that they show a glimpse into the more typical “subcultures” one is able to spot out on a daily basis all over the streets of London Town.

Instead of the big busted, scantly clad gals you’re likely to see on the cover of British mags like NUTS or FHM, Holly’s girls are the type of female folk one would find dancing at some underground club in the Northeastern neighborhood of Dalston, or sipping on some wine at a gallery exhibit on Brick Lane (both of which sound like a rad way to spend an evening!)

If you’re in London, be sure to swing by XOYO (32-37 Cowper Street, London, EC2A 4AP) to check out Holly Falconer’s Technicolour Hymns exhibit, showing from now till October 31st.