Big Troubles’ ‘Misery’ Sends Us Back To 1996: Buzz Cut


Formed by a foursome of New Jersey high schoolers, Big Troubles are an authentic Millennial-raised band. Their sound is the epitome of today’s indie rock standard, but the vibe is fresh and exciting.

Calling these Garden State residents a high school band success story would be an understatement. Singers-slash-songwriters Alex Craig and Ian Drennan have quickly went from making lo-fi recordings at their own homes, to releasing their debut album Worry last year with a backing of a full band, and are now set to release their second album Romantic Comedy with the help of legendary producer Mitch Easter, whose has worked with likes of REM and Pavement.

“Misery”, the first release off their next album, creates a convincing sound with its smooth, high vocals and gritty bass; a combination that suggests influence from both 00s pop rock and the 90s slacker rock.

With so many bands relying on digital noise to fill out their sound these days, “Misery” is a welcome return to the simple singer-guitar-bass-drums layout; one that doesn’t fail to create a full, coherent sound for Big Troubles.

Romantic Comedy, due to be released on September 27th, is sure to have more of this fuzzy pop bliss. You can download the single for free here through SoundCloud.