Berlin’s Esther Perbandt S/S 2012 Film Goes Back to ‘1984’

Susie G

Shortly after the Spring/Summer 2012 collections shown at Berlin Fashion Week earlier this month, Hamburg-based fashion film company Riese Farbaute debuted their latest project in their collaboration with avant garde designer Esther Perbandt.

The film, directed by Christian Straub and titled | FORMAT |, features looks from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection of one of Berlin’s most established design labels.

Inspired by George Orwell’s big screen adaptation of “1984,” the film tells the story of two uniformed egalitarian workers who are being “lead” by the designer to discover their own style freedom. The film is also the world’s first “Turnaround-iPad-film,” where the viewer has to literally turnaround the screen, due to the intergrated horizontal and vertical shots in the short video.

Trying to get a good feel of the designer’s collection isn’t so easy to come by like other fashion films (nor are most fashion films 8 minutes long). Since the film was shot in black and white, it makes it harder to see any kind of contrasts with the models’ outfits as well as get an idea of the textures and cuts of the garments.

Though I do still appreciate the cinematique feel of this clip, with the “dramatically” slowed down running scenes and the suddenly abrupt zoom-in shots of hands turning mechanical knobs. Plus, I’m digging that floral headpiece la Princess Leia the sole female model sports at the end of the film.

Now that’s what I call “flower power.”

FORMAT _ Esther Perbandt S/S 2012 from Cristian Straub on Vimeo.

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