Beaded Skulls Replace Painted Pumpkins For Halloween, We Die

Susie G
Beaded Skulls Replace Painted Pumpkins For Halloween, We Die
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It’s October and that only means one thing: Halloween (a.k.a. the only reason to dress up as your favorite viral sensation, like Kreayshawn or Justin Bieber)!

While some of you might be more enthusiastic about the autumn holiday more than others, when it comes to nifty ideas to decorate your home or work space with crafty knick knacks to celebrate all things spooky, how about trying your hand at beaded skulls?

Forget about the traditional arts and crafts trick of painting pumpkins — beaded skulls are the Martha-Stewart-gone-goth thing to do this Halloween season!

Finding beads to decorate a cadaverous cranium shouldn’t be as hard as finding the actual cranium itself!

Or, if you want to save yourself some time and hassle, feel free to purchase one of seventeen colorfully beaded skulls from LN-CC (the latest “It” boutique to spring up in London). The seventeen decorated minds are split between a men’s and women’s category on the shop’s site, even though you’ll probably agree with myself that all of them have a unisex appeal.

Check out a few of the awesome skulls from LN-CC in the slideshow above, but just be sure to not lose your head over the price tag (did I mention that they go for 489 each? Yeah…)