Autumn Ahn: Meet One Of Boston’s Fearlessly Fierce Artists

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Autumn Ahn: Meet One Of Boston’s Fearlessly Fierce Artists
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As an artist, Autumn Ahn doesn’t fit into any specific box. But just two years ago she was able to first check off the box on her tax returns claiming that she is, in fact, a visual artist. This means that Ahn, like so many of us would like to, makes a living doing what she loves and doesn’t need to get, as she puts it, a “full-time ‘normal’ job.”

Her work has appeared in many forms, from shows at galleries to commissioned installations, including one for Diesel at New York Fashion Week in 2010. And when it comes to a preferred presentation, Ahn asks only that her work be displayed “anywhere a person can be physically engaged with it.”

“I have really enjoyed working within different social environments,” she said. “The challenges of negotiation and new language inform any installation.”

Her site-specific installations play off of the environment in which they are installed, producing images that challenge the definition of what can be classified as art versus design.

Recently, Ahn has devoted her time to more traditional fine art. In addition to her painting and drawing practice, the artist has turned her attention toward bookmaking and woodcuts.

“My tastes change constantly, and project materials tend to mix industrial quality materials with decorative materials and fine art materials,” says Autumn. “I use localized and available resources as well as some products I just love and tote around with me everywhere.”

At the moment, Ahn is working on a few commissioned projects from Paris. She will be creating the illustrations for a Charles Dickens short story as well as making a set of handmade books with long-stitch binding for Paravion Press. While in Paris, the world traveler (she has worked in the United States, Greece and now France) will also share her artistic talents with others through bookmaking workshops.

There’s no doubt that Ahn is able to keep busy, with a continuous flow of work that totally bucks the starving artist stereotype. Not to mention, with so many projects on her resume and coming up, more and more people can engage with the work of this extremely versatile artist.

Check out her blog to see what she’s up to now and see the slideshow above for some examples of her past work.

Photos courtesy of Autumn Ahn

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Autumn Ahn

A commissioned piece for Diesel Manhattan Visuals NYC Fashion Week Concept Installation 2010

A handmade book with long-stitch binding

Antanaklasis, hand-sewn woodcut prints

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