Attend The Versace For H&M Event In Paris In Your Underwear!

Susie G

Bummed out you couldn’t attend the star-studded Versace for H&M launch party in New York City last week with stellar performances from hair-dye loving Nicki Minaj and the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince?

Fear not my fellow collabo-loving cutiesVersace and H&M are going to be partying it up in the French capital of Paris to celebrate the line’s launch in Europe tonight (which hits select stores on November 17 on the right side of the Atlantic, while the rest of us here Stateside have to wait till November 19), and thanks to live-streaming website NOW FASHION, you can check out the party wearing nothing but your unmentionables (if that is indeed the at-home look you like to rock).

Starting at 1 PM EST, NOW FASHION will be providing a live feed straight from the Parisian soire that you can watch from home, work (don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss) or on your way to camp out at the nearest H&M store for the Versace collaboration launch.

So grab some macaroons and pop the proseccoit’s time to e-party it up in style!