Alexa Chung Falls For Texas In New Madewell Film (VIDEO)

Susie G

Model, “It” girl and TV presenter Alexa Chung has teamed up once again with Madewell, the equally preppy sister line of J. Crew, for her latest collection of fall season duds that are featured in the store’s newest fashion film.

The film, which was shot in Austin, Texas, sees Alexa frolicking around town, living it up like a real American localtwirling around in day dresses out in wide-open fields, being mesmerized by a gumball machine and driving on the right side of the road; you know, just some of the typical things us Yanks like to do every now and then.

This season’s collection (which hits stores on September 22nd) will mark the second line of duds the Brit has created in cohorts with the American retailer, featuring 12 girly yet sophisticated pieces, like that adorable red knit hat and the polka-dotted dress shirt Alexa sports, along with those cute pink shorts, towards the end of the clip.

But can someone still explain to me why and how Alexa is still relevant in the States after she lost her MTV show over here not so long ago?! Don’t get me wrong, I love her personal style and I am obsessed with the Alexa bag from Mulberry, but isn’t it time the fashion and media world shine the spotlight on America’s next go-to British export, say like one of those girl’s from the Misfits or Katy B?

Ponder over that question and keep scratching your head (like myself) while you check out the brand new Madewell film below. Enjoy!

[via Heat]

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