4 Reasons Why We Love The UK’s Citizens! & Their New Single

Susie G

Four reasons why we are into London-based buzz band Citizens!:

1. The 5-piece band make songs that go down real smooth and nice, like a Fribble milkshake from Friendly’s (strawberry flavored, of course).

2. They’re signed to one of our favorite music labels out of Paris, Kitsun.

3. They’re upcoming debut record will be produced by Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos.

4. Citizens! are made up of 5 stylishly good-looking dudeslike, we’re talking babe-magnets right here. Seriously.

Check out the brand new video of their latest single “Reptile” down below, and give us your reasons why you love (or hatesomehow) Citizens! in the comments section underneath.

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