Fashion Week Beauty: Samurai Glam At Kimberly Ovitz FW 2012

Susie G

“Kimberly’s inspiration was Japanese samurai and wanted to translate that to make-up, but we don’t want theatre. Something not too in-your-face obvious…,” said make-up artist Gordon Espinet with MAC Cosmetics on Thursday afternoon backstage at Kimberly Ovitz.

The Californian-born, New York-based designer known for her minimalist design aesthetic collaborated with Gordon to give the models a clean, pearly face with samurai-inspired eye brows.

While the show’s hairstyle kept to a sheen, dead-straight style, the strong brows offered a bit of personality to the serious-faced models that walked down the catwalk during the final presentation.

When asked what were the key tips to keep in mind when creating a perfect strong brow, Gordon replied, “I always focus on not getting this [scrunches eye-brows together].” He prefers to keep the brows stronger on the outer edges (where most people usually have less hair on their brows), while the inner brows are kept softer as to avoidan angry unibrow.

Gordon completed the models’ look by focusing on the skin with clean, radiant, pearly faces using MAC Cosmetics’ brand new Prep + Prime Beauty Balm, trying to create an athletic look with the girls, as well as using MAC Cosmetics’ Lip Erase Balm which neutralized the natural hues in the lips and a pale eyeshadow to matte out the eye era and create more contrast for the eye brows. No mascara was used in order to help play up the “cool and hip factor.”

Browse through the slideshow above to see a behind-the-scenes look at Kimber Ovitz’s Fall/Winter 2012 show.