Fashion Week Fave: Sally LaPointe Softens Up For Fall 2012

Susie G

As much as I really despise New York (and non-New York) designers still keen on insisting the minimalism aesthetic is all the rage these days, there is something about Sally LaPointe‘s latest Fall/Winter 2012 collection that has me totally enamored with her structured, neo-gothic designs.

The term neo-gothic is a bit of a stretch, I know, especially for this season, but it’s really refreshing that the designer has taken a soften approach to her clothes this time around, even if it’s somewhat minimalistic. Previously, Sally has seem to become quite known for her empowering, shoulder-loving, futuristic jackets that have been worn by the likes of pop megastar Lady Gaga.

With this collection, Sally seems to be trading in her post-apocalyptic, Blade Runner-vibin’ ways, for a set of head-to-toe looks that are a bit more subtle, simple (for her, at least) and yet slightly guarded with voluminous cuts at the waist and sleeves, as if not to totally forget that a tough exterior has become this New Yorker’s designing trademark.

There wasn’t a single look that I wouldn’t wear (granted, some were more of my taste than others), or at least urge other gals to rock off the runway. The key to her collection was that all of the garments were cut to be flattering on a woman’s bodythat also means real women can wear these clothes too, not just models and celebrities and their designer diets they live off of.

Shapely, flowy pieces for the fall season are more realistic for what women actually want to wear. No one needs to see my gut in a body-con dress post-Thanksgiving dinner, thank you very much.

Long story short, this collection is easily wearable, no matter what ‘hood in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toyko or any other city you live in.

Click through the slideshow above to see all the looks from Sally LaPointe’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection.