Fashion Week Fave: Refined Girly Vintage At Rachel Antonoff

Susie G

If you like the designs of vintage duds, but you’rejust not a big fan of the funny smells or mysterious stains that might come with a thrifting shopping spree, then be sure to check out New York designer Rachel Antonoff.

Like other designers who are known to be heavily inspired by retro silhouettes, Rachel took on a very 60s vibe for her Fall/Winter 2012 collection, incorporating simple, clean lines and tailoring.

Peter pan collars and babydoll dresses are giving us British Mod, while the color choices like the red and blue hand-designed prints and colorways make the clothes look more modern (along with the fact that the hemlines are longer than what actually mini dresses back in the day used to bevery short).

Rachel said that for this season she was inspired by her childhood memories of pretending her bed was a raft and, not too long ago, went white linen rafting in her own bed with her boyfriend one evening. She said the experience was safe, ethereal and magical.

Rachel also mentioned how she read an article about how in Minnesota, a natural phenomenon known as The Blue Hour occurs, which is “a very specific time between dusk and night when the lakes have a vibrant cobalt blue color,” according to the designer.

The heavy use of blue shades are quite apparent, and compared with other collections from this most recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, it looks like blue is a big color trend for the fall season.

Check out images from the Rachel Antonoff Fall/Winter 2012 presentation in the slideshow above.