Fashion Week Fave: Charlotte Ronson Layers It On For Fall

Susie G

“This season has really evolved, and has found a great balance,” says New York City based designer Charlotte Ronson on her Fall/Winter 2012 collection. “I had a modern wardrobe for a real girl in mind, someone that matches her stocking to her gloves to her bag, and does it in such a carefree way. These details are key to the collection. We added in retro ski and lux chalet references with our knitwear and co-ordinated looks. While colorful bold graphic prints and angular lines have an Art Deco feeling. This season has been very organic, its different from past season in a sense that it’s cleaner, more refined and ladylike.”

Charlotte’s words pretty much summed up our exact thoughts on her latest set of duds to hit the runway. This season proved to be a stepping stone for the Charlotte Ronson label, moving away from a grungy, girlish aesthetic to more of a sophisticated and serious look with femininely tailored coats, sweaters, dress shirts and knee-length skirts.

Well, not that serious.

Charlotte managed to keep things fun and interesting by throwing in splashes of hot yellow on eye-catching knitwear and flowy dresses, along with infusing an electric red color onto a few silhouettes.

Looks like the Charlotte Ronson girl has finally graduated from College, quit her job at the local coffee house, and started her first-ever 9-to-5 office gig.

All we can say is, “Mazel tov!”

Click through the slideshow above to see the entire Charlotte Ronson Fall/Winter 2012 collection.