Fashion Insider Fiona Byrne’s Best Musical Moments From NYFW

Susie G

As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City came to a close on Thursday, we realized that as much as the designer duds, models and non-stop partying make up the complete fashion week experience, so do the killer tunes we hear everywhere.

Who better to recap some of the best musical highlights from this past fashion week than fashion maven Fiona Byrne? The Irish expat and Editor-In-Chief of the newly launched definitely knows how to maneuver her way around the NYFW social circuit.

From attending runway shows to some of the hottest “It” designers, to hanging out with Christian Siriano at the Dream Downtown for his official after-party, Fiona can always be caught at the right hotspots, having her ear to the ground (and to the air, of course) for the latest buzz.

Giving us her top four picks, Fiona recaps the best musical moments from this past fashion week with enough detail that almost makes you feel like you were out and about right alongside her.

Memoryhouse “This Will Be Our Year”

“I heard this Zombies cover at Lauren Moffat‘s presentation which technically took place the day before NYFW officially started. It was at this school in Nolita, one room had ‘students’ during class, writing on chalkboards, reading, standing next to science experiments. The other was an art class in progress. The song went perfectly with the presentation. I love the Zombies and some covers annoy me but this was sick.”

Samantha Ronson & The Undertakers “Half Awake (Meltdown)”

“This song stood out to me during the Charlotte Ronson show at the tents. I noticed it and then thought, ‘Is that Sam singing?’ She was DJing the show, and yes, it was her own song. It’s really great, kind of a Go-Gos vibe, and I love that she included her own song in her set. Werk [sic] Sam.”

Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

“We were at the Christian Siriano after-party at the Penthouse of the Dream Downtown and Brad (Christian’s boyfriend) told me Whitney Houston had just passed away. It was very weird; there was this early evening rave happening inside with glowsticks, the whole nine yardsit was like that werewolf bar in True Blood or something. And we’re all sitting on the terrace in shock. Anyway, a couple of hours later the DJ played an a capella version of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody,’ which felt quite poignant. It was almost like a minute’s silence, although some people sang along, including me.”

Guns N Roses “Patience” (Live)

“They played at Hiro Ballroom on Thursday night and it was SO GOOD. Of course, it’s not really GnR without Slash and I feel kind of bad for ‘faux Slash’, but it was still great. Axl still has a sick voice. ‘Patience’ was my fave song of the set. It was so good. Weirdly, Chelsea Clinton was there. And Matt Damon and Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, and so many others. It was a fun party. I loved Axl’s many costume changes involving various hats, glasses and various jackets. Who does that at a club show? Hilare [sic].”

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