What To Wear: New Year’s Eve With Your Parents

Laurel Pinson
What To Wear: New Year’s Eve With Your Parents
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New Year’s Eve is all about saying goodbye to those horrendous outfit choices and mistakes surrounded by the people who were there for you. However, some of us don’t get to spend this special (read: drinking) holiday with our best friends, and instead are forced to spend it with our parents. Let me tell you from experience — this is an extremely awkward situation. The last thing you want is to be the alcoholic offspring in front of your parents respected friends.

Let’s be real though — you’re going to drink champagne until you can bear to be around them. If that’s the case (and so many times it is) then you’re going to need an amazing outfit to impress your parents’ crowd — we’re willing to bet they’re not going to love your chugging skills. So you have two options: 1) dress horrendously and don’t drink or 2) dress amazingly and wake up without recollection. Because if you WOW everyone with how great you look they’ll turn the other cheek at your stumbles and slurs.

You’re probably going to pick the latter of the two — I just hope for your sake you have a really fun sister/house keeper/crazy aunt. So clickety clickety on through the slideshow for some superb choices.

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Family affairs are hardly fun. However, charging your outfit to your father's AmEx is a blast.

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Mesh is so chic right now. You're going to want to be the girl with the amazing designer dress. This way while everyone is trying to figure out who made that fabulous thing, you can sneak off to the bathroom with a bottle of champage.

Fiona Dress, $176, at Hyden Yoo

Just throw a coat over your shoulders. You'll barely be outside since your driver (read: father) will drop you off at the door of the party. Bonus: the throw-it-over-the-shoulder look is so street-style photog bait right now.

Madeline Coat, $318, at Hyden Yoo

If you can't be at a real party then your feet are going to feel like they're at a real party. I mean, how gorgeous are these?

Ray Bottie Hi, $280, at United Nude

A clutch is perfect! After all what do you need to carry besides your Chanel lipstick and a travel size of your Chloé perfume? 

Laura Taupe/Gunmetal, $425, at Tuleste Market

Top it off with a statement necklace. Show the parents you mean business. 

Ribbon Necklace, $160, at Tuleste Market

And if you actually enjoy spending time with your family and you're not going to any fancy-schmancy party then watch Home Alone. After all, it's a classic.

Home Alone, $9.99, at Target

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