Yikes: Here’s What Waiters and Waitresses Do When You Piss Them Off

jennifer aniston office space 1 Yikes: Heres What Waiters and Waitresses Do When You Piss Them Off

We can all agree that folks who make it a habit to be rude to waitstaff are generally giant a-holes. That said, we’ve all probably gotten irked at a waiter or waitress at some point. Well, a paper recently published in the journal Human Performance (via Science of Us) might provide you with some serious impetus to be extra-nice to your server next time you’re in a restaurant.

According to paper’s press release, the below is an eye-opneing breakdown of what the 438 food service employees polled admitted to doing when a customer pissed them off:

  • Making fun of the customers behind their backs (79 percent)
  • Lying (78 percent)
  • Purposefully making them wait longer for their order (65 percent)
  • Ignoring them (61 percent)
  • Being rude right back to the customer (52 percent)
  • Arguing (43 percent)
  • Flatly refusing a perfectly reasonable customer request (25 percent)
  • Confronting a customer about a crappy tip (19 percent)
  • Insulting the customer to his face (14 percent)
  • Secretly increasing the tip (as in, on a credit-card payment) (11 percent)
  • Doing something gross to the food (6 percent)
  • Threatening the customer (5 percent)

To be fair, only 6 percent of respondents admitted to the cliché of spitting (or doing some more unsavory) to your food, but odds are, if you’re a douche to your server, you’ll probably get verbally skewered behind your back, or at least be given the pasta that’s not gluten free.