What Victoria Beckham Eats, According to Victoria Beckham

Meghan Blalock
victoria beckham t magazine

Photo Courtesy of T Magazine

The biggest news of the day so far: Victoria Beckham eats, y’all. And not just grapefruits and seltzer water: if her just-released interview with T Magazine is to be believed, she eats real food. Namely, lasagna.

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“[My chef] Chris comes in a couple of days a week and might make a giant lasagna so I can put it in the freezer and then do it myself,” Vicky B. says in the profile, adding that, for the most part, hottie-hubby David Beckham does the majority of the cooking in the household.

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The woman formerly known as Posh Spice revealed all this and more in a sit-down interview with T writer Sarah Lyall, including details about her myriad fashion lines, her marriage to one of the world’s most attractive men, and her relatively quiet life at home with her family. But by far the highlight of the conversation is when lunchtime arrives and Beckham starts to chow down on “corn soup followed by a salad of greens and fruit,” joking, “You are going to think this is real, that this is what I get every day!”

Head over to T to check out the rest of the lengthy interview! It’s totally worth your time.