College Week: What to Wear to the Library

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It’s College Week on StyleCaster! Whether you’re fondly remembering your days relaxing on the quad or heading off to campus for the first time this fall, there’s no question that college is a major milestone. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with College Fashionista to bring you original content every day this week—written by real college students!—on everything from what to wear to the library to how to dress it up for a local party. Read on for more! 

Student: Ashley Minyard
School: Indiana University

Growing up, the library was a treat. There were so many cool books, activities and surprises (not to mention that awesome jungle gym in the middle of the children’s section).  Unfortunately, now trips to the library translate to hitting the books, all-nighters and way too much caffeine with little to no effect.  For the college student especially, it’s important to keep comfortable and wear something that prevents distraction while still being stylish—you never know who you’ll run into after all.

1. Layers
In my experience, libraries are either cold and frigid or sweltering hot (sometimes depending on the level of stress involved). Layers are always a must, allowing you to be in charge of the temperature situation. Wear a light tank underneath, a thin long sleeve shirt and a heavier piece on top. Wraps, ponchos and sweaters are always nice and cozy and also function as a great pillow for late night study breaks.

2. Leggings
Let’s all just come out and say it, nobody likes pants. Especially during a long anxiety filled night hitting the books, pants just get in the way. Leggings and jeggings are a great alternative. They still are tight-fitting and cover everything, but allow you to get comfortable and curl up in fetal position if the going gets tough. Sweats and yoga pants do offer comfort, but lose the stylish appeal and end up looking sloppy. Try leggings that are patterned, allowing the rest of your outfit to consist of simple pieces that still stay eye-catching without much effort.

3. Playful Jewelry
Although I’ve been pressing the importance of avoiding distraction while studying, sometimes it’s best to keep your hands busy. Wear a chunky statement necklace to give yourself a toy to fiddle with while reading out of the text. This keeps your hands busy and away from your cell phone or any more demanding distractions. Avoid wearing rings or bracelets as these could inhibit your writing and mobility of your hands.

4. Slip-off Shoes
While studying, comfort is of utmost importance. Being uncomfortable only causes anxiety and added distraction. One of the easiest ways to get cozy is to kick your shoes off. Wear shoes that easily slide on and off while you work. As a plus, it makes it that much easier to fall in bed after the night is over.

5. The Sock Bun
It is my belief that one of the Fashion God’s greatest gifts to women has been the sock bun. This beautifully innovative hairstyle keeps everything rolled up tight and out of the way, while looking high fashion and clean cut. When at the library for a study session, anything can become a distraction; keeping hair out of the line of sight is just one less thing to divert you from your studies.

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