College Week: What to Wear to a Football Game

College Fashionista


It’s College Week on StyleCaster! Whether you’re fondly remembering your days relaxing on the quad or heading off to campus for the first time this fall, there’s no question that college is a major milestone. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with College Fashionista to bring you original content every day this week—written by real college students!—on everything from what to wear to the library to how to dress it up for a local party. Read on for more! 

Student: Brittany Fowler
School: Syracuse University

Tailgates and football games call for cute and casual ensembles to complement the upbeat atmosphere. Comfort is key when deciding what to wear for a tailgate due to the range of possible activities. You want a versatile outfit that looks put together while you socialize but can also allow for a few spontaneous games of Ladder Toss. Mix your personal style with a touch of school spirit for an outfit that’ll rise above the standard T-shirt.

1. Show your school pride!
Get creative when showing your school spirit! Rather than sporting a college tee from the bookstore, wear an outfit that incorporates pop of your school colors. A sheer top with a colored bandeau is a fun alternative to a standard T-shirt and makes for an effortlessly chic look. For a totally of-the-moment twist, paint your nails with your school mascot or create funky patterns using your school colors.

2. All denim, all the time. 
Denim is a go-to option for tailgates and sporting events. Whether you choose sassy cut-offs, a chambray button-up, or a classic pair of jeans, denim gives off a casual, laid back vibe perfect for the occasion. Rock a pair of high-waisted jean shorts with your college tee, or throw a denim shirt over a cute college tank for an all-American feel.

3. Leave your boyfriend’s hoodie at home.
Instead of wearing a gigantic hooded sweatshirt to fight the chill, grab a cardigan or pullover sweater in your school colors. This will help keep you warm without covering up your style.

4. Accessorize with a purpose.
Scarves are an easy way to incorporate school colors into your outfit while adding a chic element to your overall look. Finish off your ensemble with a loosely wrapped printed or patterned scarf, and if it’s too warm, try tying a small scarf to your bag for a fun twist.

5. Don’t overdo it. 
Accessories like statement necklaces and cocktail rings act as ideal conversation starters while you relax and socialize, and allow you express your personal style. However, make sure to only wear one piece—it is a sporting event, after all. In terms of bags, small cross-body styles are great options for tailgates, as they’re not too cumbersome.

Regardless of your style, choose an ensemble that’s as easygoing as the afternoon itself and enjoy the event!