What to Wear to Your Fall Internship: 35 Outfits That Make a Good Impression

Kristen Bousquet
What to Wear to Your Fall Internship: 35 Outfits That Make a Good Impression
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Depending on where you’re interning, your attire will vary from industry to industry. Luckily, for those getting their feet wet in the wonderful world of fashion or another creative industry, you’ll have a bit more freedom when it comes to choosing an outfit, but even with that freedom, there are still rules that apply. When you’re wondering what to wear to a fall internship, make sure you keep things professional, unique and, of course, fashionable.

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To make the best impression, it’s important to stand out when it comes to your personality and work ethic, but with your personal style. While judging someone based on their appearance might not be the best tactic, it happens whether we like it or not, making it all the more important to look your best.

On top of being put-together and professional, you also want to opt for an outfit that’s functional since you could be running errands, organizing, or making deliveries. Want to wear heels? Make sure you pack a pair of flats. Want to wear a dress? Make sure it’s not too tight or short. It’s also imperative to wear an outfit that you’re comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than spending your entire day focusing on how awkward you feel when your main concern should be soaking up new information!

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To give you an idea of what kind of looks will make a great impression on your new bosses, we’ve gathered 35 seriously perfect outfits to wear to your fall fashion internship. Click through the slideshow to check them out!