College Week: What to Wear For a Fun Night Out

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It’s College Week on StyleCaster! Whether you’re fondly remembering your days relaxing on the quad or heading off to campus for the first time this fall, there’s no question that college is a major milestone. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with College Fashionista to bring you original content every day this week—written by real college students!—on everything from what to wear to the library to how to dress it up for a local party. Read on for more! 

Student: Chelsea Tadros
School: University of San Francisco

As summer comes to a close, students can look forward to the last days of barbecues, beach days, and perpetual Saturdays. However, as the college season starts at the end of summer, we also have time left to rock our warm-weather clothes. In fact, one of my favorite things about summertime is the ease of styling your going-out looks. Warm nights don’t call for jackets, so when you’re headed out during the first few weeks of the semester, you don’t have to carry anything but your confidence (and iPhone, of course!)

That said, it still can be tricky to dress during the in-between season, so here’s a primer on what to wear for a night out when you get back to campus.

1. Keep it weather-appropriate.
Summertime is carefree and effortless, and that should translate in your outfit. Your tightest dress and highest platforms should be tucked away until fall and winter rolls around, when you can style them with tights and cute jackets. Instad, go for flowing maxi dresses, circle skirts and platform wooden sandals paired with skinny jeans and a cool blouse.

2. Simple and streamlined is the way to go! 
I love monochromatic looks, and summertime is perfect for an all-white ensemble. Try a white midi skirt paired with a white cropped tank. If you don’t have a white skirt, try a pair of high-waist shorts or a skirt.

3. Don’t pile on the makeup. 
Try going for a natural look with your makeup. Brush a highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and middle of your forehead and chin, a bit of bronzer under your cheekbones and temples, and finish with a swipe of mascara and dab of nude or pink lip gloss for a sun-kissed “I just got back from the beach but still look this good!” look.

4. A stiletto isn’t a must.
Being a modest 5’2” I can use all the height I can get. However, I’m almost always in platforms when I’m out, as opposed to dressy high heels. Platform sandals or even cute heeled JuJu Jelly sandals (that I’ve literally lived in all summer) are a little more effortless for a college night out, and can take an oversized sweater and pair of shorts from frumpy to adorable in an instant.

5. Comfort is key. 
Lastly, wear something you feel like yourself in. If you could care less that it’s still 85 degrees, and you feel rad in those leather pants, then go for it. Just make sure you’re comfortable, confident, and able to have fun.

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